Steel Doors - Steel /Metal safety doors, Glazed steel / metal doors, steel / metal bi-fold doors, steel / metal French doors

Glazed steel / metal door
Budget steel / metal door eurocylinder lock

The Lord Of The Steel made to order / measure Steel / metal doors.

We offer produce steel / metal doors for any costumer need and measurements.  We offer:

- Standard steel /metal budget doors

   All  steel / metal budget doors come with safe euro cylinder lock. costumer can take choice of  door cover (1 side or both side, add insulation, add or replace 3 point  "spider " lock , take a colour ).

- Glazed steel / metal doors

   Any of steel / metal doors produced by The Lord Of The Steel can be glazed. Costumer can take a choice of door style / type  and glazing (single glazed, laminated glass, double glazed), and of course choice of colour. 

- Bi-fold steel metal doors

- French steel metal doors

- Safety steel metal doors