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Open Skips OS-ML series available

from 2 - 16 Cubic Yard 

Open Skips (builders skips)

Series : OS-ML-2 , OS-ML-4 ,OS-ML-6 ,OS-ML-8 , OS-ML-12

OS-ML-14, OS-ML-16

Standard open skips 2-16 cubic yards are made for general waste collection. They use for domestic, commercial and industrial hire service. Own made open skips is a heavy-duty and high-quality product with a long life cycle. OS-ML Series skips are perfect for medium to heavy loads.

Skips are fully welded from both sides - inside and outside. For high quality, extra strength and long life cycle in any skip inner corner are welded special triangle/prism - (corner insert), what doesn't allow bend skip sides and extend skip life cycle. In an open skip, the floor plate is drilled 4 holes for rainwater drainage.

The Lord Of The Steel skips is made from 3mm (sides and ends) and 4 mm (floor) mild steel sheet metal and RHS profile. Own open skips any lifting lug is fully welded in RHS profile and from inside covered with 6mm plate for extra strength and longer life cycle.

We can offer the best prices for builders skips and amount discounts.

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8 Cubic Yard Skip

6 Cubic Yard Skip

Optional Extras :

- Choice of skip colour

- Your Logo on skip

Why  The Lord Of The Steel  Skips  (Builder skips)?

- Best  price offer

   We always try to offer the best price at the same time don't lose the quality  of job and material

- Amount discount when buying more than 3 or buy regular

    We give discounts  for an amount and for own regular costumers and very special prices-price offer for  skip hire company's who make planned orders

- High-quality skips (Builders  skips)

   Own skips are made very accurate, fully welded and painted from both sides.

- Extra strength added 

 Own skips ar redesigned and made with extra strength, like  Prisma triangles in all inside corners, the extra inner support plate for lifting lugs, the extra support plate for unloading bar assembly

- Your Colour and Logo on (Builders skips)

  Free choice of colour and your logo

- Fits each other

  All of the own skips fit each other, that gives easy transportation for multiple skip delivery, save space in your yard, save transport cost and time for multiple deliveries or give option plan multiple deliveries in different sites without returning for the new skip.

- Customization  and adaptation 

 We are ready to customize and adapt any of OS-ML series builders skip to customer-specific needs.

4 Cubic Yard Skip

2 Cubic Yard Skip

skip repair service
Bin repair service

Skips repair service

We offer skip and container repair service. We do all repair jobs for skips and containers from small fixing jobs up to full restore of skips and containers include repainting.

We can only fix or replace broke part or restore completely and give 2nd life for your skips and containers. 


For more info about skip and container repair service, service cost, or you  want book skip and container repair service, please contact us via email:

or call us 07457096770