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Shelter for Sheffield City Council
Shelter for smouking
Shelter in Sheffield
Shelter In Sheffield

      The Lord Of The Steel offers a wide range of shelters. Own shelters have a unique design - designed by The Lord Of The Steel designer. We can offer shelters for any customer wishes and needs. We offer standard design shelters ( ready-designed shelters ) or we can adapt to customer needs and measurements, or we can specially design and produce for customer wishes or custom design.


For infill, we use the highest quality in UK manufactured polycarbonate glass panels.


Why we use polycarbonate?  


Polycarbonate infill we use for couple simple reasons

- virtually unbreakable ( vandal-proof * )

*~250 times the impact strength of glass at the equivalent thickness (10mm polycarbonate is bulletproof

- different tint colours and transparency

- easily get any shape ( cut and bend, curve )


Extra options:


Sandblasted Logo 


- Sandblasted logo, text or symbols on polycarbonate glass panels. This extra option gives a nice, individual, unique and prestige look.


Integrated seats


- For any of own  shelters, we  offer option - integrated seats

Integrated seats are built in the shelter and can be foldable. For the seat top, we offer solid wood or steel as standard.


For all own produced shelters we offer Free delivery and montage.


For more info or quote please contact us via email at

or call us   07457096770