Prototypes & Prototyping

3D  CAD model - Strifeed Prototype Front view
3D  CAD model - Strifeed Prototype Rear view
Prototype Sterifeed

Prototypes and Prototype build

One of  The Lord Of The Steel service is prototyping service. We can build your new product prototype and realize your idea in life. We can help with any kind of product prototype. We can work out the design and technical solution.  The Lord Of The Steel is one of a rare company who can offer nice design and same time good and easy technical solution for the product produced in the future. We understand how important is the design and nice look product but more important is a technical solution for product production and how important is part production cost. 


Own prototypes are based on 3 main  principles :

- Nice Design

- Easy Assembly

- Low-cost production


We have big experience in prototype build and from practice, we can say own built prototypes are ready to go to production with the 1st run in 98% of orders with revision R1. We know exactly what we do and how that works.


We can offer any kind of prototypes, start from simple electric cabinet up to machines, workbenches, CNC tables, including electronic and all mechanisms.


If you are ready for a new product we can help you realize just from your idea.


What you get :

 - 3D Model, - Drawings, - Production files, BOM material, and part list,

 - Prototype Product.


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