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Metalworking - steel fabricators The Lord Of The Steel
Bar Stool -Metalworking -The Lord Of The Steel
Bar table  "Library"
Stainless  steel bar table in production The Lord Of The Steel
metal / steel Lightwell grille
Rebar  Bending
Roof  Balustrade in Sheffield
Infinity steel / metal decorative tablable with glass top and metal Dice

General sheet metal work and steel fabrication based in  Sheffield.

The company specializes in the steel, stainless steel, aluminum brass, and copper fabrication industry and installation all over the UK.

We have many years of experience in metalworking/steel fabrication and product design engineering. That gives us work professionally with the highest job quality in short leads times. We know what we do!


We offer a wide range of skills in a variety of materials:

    - steel/metal staircases and handrails

    - shelters

    - bespoke steel/metal gates

    - railings

    - steel/metal repair service/welding service

    - steel / metal design elements

    - Welding / TIG/MIG/MMA/

      Mild steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminium

    - CNC table build (custom need and automatization)

    - Conveyor systems include food industry

    - Rebar  Bending

    - walk in repair and fix service 

    - 3D Modelling & Drawing include Structural steel

    - Site welding and fitting service.

    - and are more than happy to take

      on the even smaller jobs