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Are you looking for metal/steel Staircase or fire escape staircase?!


We can help!


The Lord Of The Steel produces a wide range of staircases. From simple access staircase up to bespoke design staircase. 


All staircases we produce according to British  building standards  and regulation, K-appendix documentation, 


For any of The Lord Of The Steel produced staircase, we can supply a certificate to accordance  British building standards and regulations, K-appendix. 


We offer not only to produce a staircase, but we can design your staircase too. We offer a different style and design staircases.


The Lord Of The Steel has a big experience in staircase design and production, we can offer and help get own staircase for everyone.

We are the best steel fabrication company with the best price in Sheffield.


For a free quote, questions or design contact with us  - we can help! 

Externl staircase in London
External Staircase
Industrial stircase
External stircase , open floor mesh
Structural Steel fire escape staicse
Fire escape stircase , Metal / Seel Staircase