Conveyors, Machinery, Automation Solutions

Conveyor and Conveyor System build and Solutions

We design and build conveyors and conveyor systems.

We can design and build conveyors and conveyor systems for any customer requirements and needs, including food industry where is very specific and strong hygiene requirements.


We offer full service from sketch up to the readily installed product or product line.

 The Lord Of The Steel can work out a completely full solution - the customer just need let us know what he wants to get and we come with the solution. Doesn`t matter how big or small, difficult or simple projects.


 The Lord Of The Steel engineers has more than 12 years of international experience in conveyor, conveyor system and machinery build. We know how to build conveyors and get a perfect result. 
























- Belt Conveyors

- Gravity skate wheel conveyors

- Bucket conveyors

- Vertical conveyors

- Custom build conveyors



Conveyor and conveyor system materials

For own conveyors and conveyor system frames most often used material is stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium. At any situation, material choice is depending at many factors like - industry type, technical parameters, product specification, act...

For belt conveyors, we use wide range belts, - rubber, plastic, steel... At any time we chose right, material depending at industry type, requirements, product specification, work exercise and many other factors.


Another most popular material what is used for own built conveyors is many kinds of plastic depending at type of industry and technical requirements.

For own conveyors we always use only highest quality and certified materials.


Machinery build

 The Lord Of The Steel machinery build service includes - from simple workbench machines up to CNC machinery build. All machines, workbenches, CNC tables are custom built and adjusted for specific customer needs and measurements to reach maximum efficiency and productivity.

We build :

- CNC HD plasma cutting tables (High Definition)(Latest generation)

  (cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass from 0.5mm-32mm)

  (workbench work area 1000mmx2000mm 1250mmx2500mm 1500mmx3000mm)

  (available tube cutting option)


- 2D CNC wood milling routers

 (mill - plywood sheets, plastic sheets, foam sheets)

 (workbench work area - custom size )


- 3D CNC wood milling workbench

 (mill - solid wood, solid plastic, foam)

 (workbench work area - custom size )


- Any custom workbench - for any standard or specific job exercise 

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On today automation touches everyone and automation today is one of the most important things in every company, much more in factories and productions.

Automation is way how to save many, rising productivity and quantity and finally companies profitability.

Automation can split into two parts,- partly automation and full automation.


Part automation - when automation affects the part of job exercise because, in reality, some jobs up to today can`t do machines because the job is very delicate.


Full automation - when all job exercise is completely automated.


What we can do and help with your business!? 

We can work out a solution and convert your manual monotone labour job into a completely automated process or partly automated process.

How that come?!

More often automation process comes very simple, start from light upgrade customer existing devices,  workbenches or we build up extensions with built-in 

automation whom we attach to existing workbenches, machinery. Any manual workbench is possible, rebuild, upgrade to partly or fully automated or CNC ( computer numerical control) controlled. 

In some situation, we build up a completely new automated device, workbench for work exercise. 


How automation built and what you need for automation?

Automation 98% of cases is built on pneumatic parts. Why in industrial automation is very popular pneumatic - the answer is very simple, that is the safest, long lifetime and cost less way how can run automation. For automation necessary compressed air. More than 97% of industrial companies have compressed air in productions. If you don't have compressed air, that doesn`t mean when you not able to get automation. You need an only air compressor, we can help you chose the correct one.


We can help with any kind of automation - pneumatic, hydraulic, CNC, mechanic


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