Charcoal Oven HeatOn  By MillerLine UK
Charcoal Oven HeatOn  By MillerLine UK
Charcoal Oven HeatOn  By MillerLine UK

BS EN 12815:2001

Sales Price:

£4350.00 Excl. VAT

£5220.00 Incl. VAT


H=1550mm W=700mm L=700mm

Cooking space:

2x 520mmx530mm

Stainless steel food racks (~0.52sq/m)

(available buy extra food racks)

Charcoal oven HeatOn

Professional  - Industrial - Commercial

High-Quality Charcoal Oven

The Heaton manufactures and sells professional industrial commercial charcoal ovens, able to meet the needs of the most demanding user, with the highest quality and the best price in the market.


The  Heaton professional industrial commercial charcoal oven is the perfect combination of a barbecue and oven - one machine with best two options for professional kitchen 2 in 1  (BBQ and oven).


The Heaton professional industrial commercial Charcoal oven is built for indoor & outdoor use.


The Charcoal oven Heaton ash is collected in the bottom drawer, making easy the cleaning process.


- Fuelled by charcoal

- Charcoal oven  Heaton have solid built construction   

  from Highest quality UK  steel

- Versatile - Meat, fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, 

  bread, pizzas...

- The Charcoal oven Heaton have Unique design what

  gives options, a range of temperatures

- more cooking space than other charcoal ovens

- The Charcoal oven Heaton cooks 40% faster than an

  open grill

- Creativity – The charcoal oven  Heaton gives chefs

  room to experiment

- Compact design - easily fits in any kitchen

- The Charcoal oven is fully insulated (no heat loss and

  save charcoals)

- Thea charcoal oven Heaton have multiple cooking

  levels. More production capacity

- easy clean

- The Charcoal oven Heaton is Designed and built-in

  the UK 100%

- Competitive price

- Worldwide distribution

- Lifetime service ( any  single part possible replace )


UK Delivery

World Wide Delivery

Free finance available* Pay monthly  from £322.50

For free finance contact via email HeatOn@millerline.co.uk

 |*Deposit £1350.00 Monthly payment 12moth x £322.50  or 6month x £645.00 |

 | For Free finance not include Free UK delivery-delivery will be charged £120.00 |

 | Administrative fee £45.00 | 0% APR Representative |